You can take a trial lkebana lesson any time when we have lessons on our webpage. The Ikebana lessons in English are also available.

Why don't you join us if you are interested in Japanese Ikebana?
You are very welcome to our Ikebana trial lessons. Let's enjoy it together.

The trial costs only 2,000 yen including flowers. You can borrow necessary tools for Ikebana free of charge. You can come to TES with your hands free. Cash is only available when you pay for the one- time trial.

This is a unique course in which you can learn Flower Arrangement(Ikebana) in English.

For a change, anybody can join this course any time.


Schedule for "Ikebana" lesson

The morning lesson 11:00〜12:30

Day: Saturdays.

Please choose the morning lesson or afternoon lesson. We have other lessons on weekdays, so please do not hesitate to ask.

● School : Taikanryu
● Instructor : Sen-un Hashimoto
● Enrollement Fees : 0 yen

● Lesson Fee 9,600yen (6 lessons)

( If you want to continue after 6 lessons, you will pay the same amount as above.)
● Other Fees : You must bear the costs for flowers you use.

You need to purchase a pair of scissors

*Flower vases and Kenzan (frogs) are provided by TES.

A Flower Bag is given to you as a gift if you join us this year.

Tokyo English Specialists College

TES Ikebana

Monday thru Friday 9:30 〜 20:30

Saturday 9:30 〜 16:30

TEL:03-5820-2191 FAX: 03-5820-2195


1-8-1, Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032

(3 minutes from Kodenmacho sta. on Hibiya line./10 minutes from Kanda sta. on JR)